Building & Construction Services

Property & Building Construction

60 Thompson is offers a full suite of civil and construction services in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

We have the experience

With a reputable team of experts such as architects, planners and contractors who have extensive knowledge in delivery of construction services for both residential and commercial setting, we promise our clients good operational relationship by working tirelessly within the stipulated budget to ensure that everything works according to plan. At 60 Thompson, we manage all stages of construction services starting from design and planning going all the way to closeout. We can handle all infrastructure requirements, building inspections and handovers. We will be there with you each and every step of the way.

Construction management

Working with us will also ensure that you receive ideal construction management services for the property or building you intend to develop. This will encourage the smooth running of the entire contractual process.

Management here includes;

  • Evaluating your building needs
  • Arranging financing
  • Finding the right site with necessary testing
  • Managing and securing all the sub-contractors
  • Managing zoning issues including site plans
  • Providing architectural and engineering services

Hire licensed professionals

Building or developing property in Australia requires that you work with licensed professionals. We are licensed to conduct residential and commercial building work such as construction, alterations, repairs, renovations and inspections. Our licensed team provide excellence and quality service in construction, and this is why our expertise in new builds, renovation and fit outs have allowed us to enjoy steady growth since we came to existence. The professionals will also assist you with estimates for the whole building process, making it easy for you to draft the budget.

Our contractors are licensed and insured, core services include:

  • Labour Hire
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Carpentry
  • Fitter & Turners
  • Heavy Machinery

Committed to serve

There is an exceptional level of commitment to our ever growing client base to ensure that maximum satisfaction among other things is witnessed in the process. The projects we deliver vary, and we take each one with the same amount of urgency and importance whether small or big. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our projects are completed efficiently, and to the highest of qualities within the specified budget and timescale to surpass consumer expectations. Having the right tool for the job is the most important part of the whole building process, which is why we are committed to become the right tool in both residential and commercial properties.

No limit

Our asset base has with time grown with the company to include up-to-date infrastructure and the necessary equipment enabling us to work with many different projects concurrently without limit. There is also the presence of dynamic office and workshop facility located at Company X which is populated by expert staff ready to meet your needs. Our senior staff members have the connections and knowledge which qualifies them to work across different types of works and sectors. We regularly train all our staff members concerning the developing trends and structure in Australia including the rest of the world for them to keep up with the pace.

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