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Property Refurbishments

Property is exposed to wear and tear leading to depreciation. However this can be avoided through refurbishment. Refurbishing is the renewal of old and worn out property as well as renovating a property for a aesthetically pleasing presentation. Properties include both private or public with the aim of making them more useful and increasing their valuation. We help can assist in a total remodeling of both interiors and exteriors.

How you benefit from property refurbishment;

  • Better presentation for public areas. Increase customer retention.
  • It adds value and if planning to sell it you can be guaranteed of higher cost valuation.
  • It increase property returns for both lease and rent.

What we do;

At 60 Thompson, making the property more competitive in its currents market and making it completely perfect for its planned use is our major concern. We refurbish a wide variety of property such as corporates, hotels, lobby's, shopping centres and buildings.

We do this through;

  • Beautiful facelifts, embellishment, redesigning of buildings, and using new finishes such as higher quality tiles, ceiling linings, wall linings and carpet finishes.
  • Redesigning and improving the compound and the fencing.
  • Reinstalling the lighting systems among other refurbishment areas. We replace redundant fittings such as water and electricity, reposition them strip out unwanted furniture and partitions and replace them with more reliable ones.
  • Do a thorough exterior and interior building refurbishment
  • Roofing upgrades, new roofing or complete replacement
  • Upgrade protective equipment such as staircase railings, the balconies and their handrails, fire protection equipment, ceiling and heat regulators such as the fans.
  • Giving all structures a new look finish and constructing extension structures where needed.
  • Installing security systems in case they are needed. These include CCTV cameras, alarms among others


In case the structure are too weak and need a comprehensive refurbishment, we involve the wrecking ball. Demolish the weakened structure, remodel it and build it afresh. Strength and quality is our overall intention and that is what we do best.

Where we operate;

Currently we offer services in 4 locations; Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold coast and Sydney.


We are equipped with a labour force with diverse knowledge in any sector such as legal procedures, cost evaluation, architecture and designing among others. We deal with suppliers of high quality materials to ensure durability and strength.

We will visit your property and perform a complete property building and pest inspection. Once the reports are complete you will be given a quotation based on any structural damage or visible signs of neglect.

Once you approve the budget we sign contracts and begin immediately. All work is completed within the required deadline.


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