Remedial & Property Rectification

Remedial and Rectification Services

Wear and tear is a normal part of any building’s usage. The important thing is to have a reliable company that can offer rectification services when signs of wear and tear appear. At 60 Thompson, we are committed to offering our customers the best services and provide solutions to the problems they might be experiencing. We have specialized in providing building rectification services in different parts of Australia. Our sole aim is to ensure that our clients are highly satisfied. We employ only the best in this field so as to maintain high quality rectification services.


We are specialized in concrete repairs and offer quality repair services to our clients. Our repair and restoration services are well designed to fit each clients needs.

Among other services offered under repairs include:

Cathodic protection
Stabilizing and strengthening
Podium deck and building façade restoration


Is the face of your building destroyed? Does it need a face lift to make it more appealing? We are here for you. At our company we offer the best façade restoration services which will leave your building looking fresh and attractive to everyone.


In our experience with clients, we have seen many buildings that looked run down and old. However with our rectification services, the buildings ended up looking like new.

Services we offer under refurbishment include:

Rooftop refurbishment


Sometimes, all that is needed is a fresh coat of paint and the building is as good as new. However, sometimes there is a lot more to be done. However, we have all the specialized skills to meet all your rectification needs. For those experiencing problems with windows, Company X is there to offer high quality rectification services depending on the problems you are experiencing. We also offer specialized protective coating systems depending on your needs.


Many buildings have at one point or the other experienced problems with water systems. We have all the necessary skills to waterproof your building or property. We install all kinds of waterproofing systems in commercial and residential buildings. Are there problems with the rooftop, balconies or basements? We will resolve them completely. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Rectification of water ingress problems

One of the major reasons why building materials wear out is due to dampness in the building. Finding the cause of the problem and rectify it accordingly is our main focus. We have professionals trained to handle these problems adequately.


With these and more services, we are here to meet all your building rectification services. We do not hesitate in giving you proper advice depending on the problem you are experiencing. We always assure our clients that our company is the best in the industry. For those looking for high quality rectification services, Company X is the company for you. We are located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer a reliable solution to your problem.

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