Electricians and Plumbers Top the Rich List in Australia

Which profession comes to your mind when you think of the highest paychecks? Not many would put electricians or plumbers at the top of the list.

All that is changing now in Australia – electricians and plumbers are now earning more than most Australian lawyers! The situation has developed in Australia where average hourly rates of electricians have reached $77.59 while plumbers charge $85.57.

A Twist in the Tale!

Local electrical contractor VIP Electricians Brisbane recently took part in a survey by serviceseeking.com.au who analyed 52,000 quotes from all over Australia. The new rates have spiked up since last year when plumbing charges were around $78.40 per hour and sparkies used to charge $74.61 per hour. “We are getting a good hourly rate” said Graham Shaw from VIP Electrician. “But it is worth it when you consider the training and safety precatuions we need to make”, he added.

Electricians and Plumbers Top the Rich List in Australia

In the whole country, the highest paid plumbers are from Victoria who charge $91.21 for a hour’s work. The tradesmen from other industries end up earning $60.88 per hour in Australia. Here are the per hour rates from few places:

  • WA electricians charge $87.33 while plumbers charge $ $87.67
  • NSW plumbers make $77.42
  • QLD plumbers earn $68.58 while electricians charge $75.23
  • VIC electricians make $68.68


What leads to the high Rates?

There has been a general shortage in the supply of skilled tradesmen recently. It has influenced the rates and had made them higher.

But we also need to consider the difficult nature of the work and the hands on training that adept tradesmen need. Take the case of Peter Griffin. Griffin worked 10 years in the IT and then joined Firelec as an apprentice.

He has received ongoing training from the CQ University and CQ TAFE for the last 9 years. His knowledge of IT and training makes him a capable tradesman worthy of his fees. He loves the challenge of working with fire panels doing something out of the office.

But not all Tradesmen are Happy!

Though the hourly rates have gone up in most places, few regions also experienced a dip. In South Australia, plumbers saw their average hourly rates go down 2% reaching $80.90. The downward trend was more visible for the tilers who charged $37.00 per hour recording a 30% decrease compared to last year.

But other tradesmen seem to be doing well as South Australian electricians witnessed a 26% increase in their rates at $79.13 per hour while builders charged $77.76, an increase of 29%. Jeremy Levitt, CEO of ServiceSeeking.com.au, believes that the rates will go down next year fueled by market changes.

Yet, even if the market wouldn’t seem as lucrative as it is now, it is sure to be more than many other professions – including some IT professions itself.

How can Consumers get a good Deal?

The rising costs may be a hindrance to consumers with a budget. To get an affordable rate, consumers should shop around and compare quotes, suggested Chief Customer Officer of Hipages, Stuart Tucker.


The rates vary from one professional to another, so customers can check out multiple quotes for their renovation project. Here’s a quick glimpse of the average rates charged by some tradesmen:

  • Electricians- $77.59
  • Plumbers- $85.57
  • Carpenters- $61.28
  • Painters- $44.42
  • Tilers- $55.85

If you’re looking to hire an electrician, don’t just look for prices though – ensure you check their work and their portfolio before giving them your full project. if you’re a home property owner, focus on the basics to get a good deal.